Get Involved

DSCN4919Organizations: If are a nonprofit or business and would like to discuss a partnership, please contact us via the contact page.

Individuals: You can help in lots of ways–making a donation, organizing a fundraiser, raising awareness.  There are many leadership and community service options available; contact us on the contact page to get involved, or for information about how to start a Lit! Club at your school.

Reach out also for “twinning” opportunities to link a fundraising group, such as a school or club or scout troop, to a particular school.

Here are a few fundraising ideas:

-organize an online fundraiser

-join with friends for a car wash or bake sale

-organize a walk-a-thon or benefit concert

-bring lots of friends to eat or make purchases at a local restaurant or store that agrees to donate a percentage of profits for a day

-ask for permission to sell items like raffle tickets to raise solar lantern money at school events

-sell donation certificates (available through us) as “alternative gifts.” These donation certificates are a great way to celebrate important life events, letting someone know that they have helped one or more children be healthier and learn to read.

-reach out to your school, place of worship, or youth group to hold a holiday or seasonal drive

-reach out to a club at your school (one that is for the environment, or children’s health, or to    help alleviate poverty), and present Lit! as a cause for which to fundraise.

E-mail us with your own ideas to add to the list, and send us pictures of your fundraisers for us to post!


Get Involved